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The ''Unknown'' Reality, Vol. 1: A Seth Book by Seth, Jane Roberts

The ''Unknown'' Reality, Vol. 1: A Seth Book

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The ''Unknown'' Reality, Vol. 1: A Seth Book Seth, Jane Roberts ebook
Publisher: Amber-Allen Publishing
Format: pdf
ISBN: 1878424254, 9781878424259
Page: 304

At once Seth's material reminded me of a novel about dolphins that Jane worked on in 1963. Her many later books included The Seth Material (1970), Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul (1972) and Adventures in Consciousness: An Introduction to Aspect Psychology (1975). The “Master of Reality”/“Vol. Interviewer unknown at this time. In recent years first 'Seth' book: . In other words, it wasn't really the essential spin I'd pull out to play into the ground/at friends/at sense-bludgeoning volume to make one generally run around gibbering about it as I had hoped. Seth commented on dolphins some 10 months ago in his final delivery for the 688th session in Volume 1 of “Unknown” Reality; he cited them as being not only similar to certain species that had lived on our own planet in the far past, but Seth. With Unknown Reality I felt things slipping away from my grasp. Jane's husband, Rob quoted what Seth said that night in Rob's own notes to Book Session 684 in Volume 1 of The Unknown Reality. Why would I pre-judge Seth's books according to the way I've seen them used to sneer as the proles with their super-blokes and wonder-chicks? 18 I obtained a copy of the UK journal Flying Saucer Review Vol. It was based on a series of experiments I devised as a result of my first sudden involuntary out-of-body experience. The Unknown Reality Vol 1 A Seth Book User Ratings and Reviews 5 Stars. 4” paces of “Upside Down” enter with mocking, cackling Del Dettmar synthesizer melodies as the whole ensemble ditch-digs a sludge-trudge trench to next Thursday.

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